Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo
Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo
Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo
Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo
Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo
About  takanochikko
About  takanochikko
About  takanochikko

Bamboo Ear pick Shiratake white bamboo - Japanese traditional bamboo craft


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Special about this product

Bamboo ear picks that envelop you in peacefulness Bamboo ear picks are carefully made one by one by the hands of craftsmen.
You can feel the craftsmanship and flexibility of bamboo, and the gentle feel of the bamboo will soothe your senses.

Made of "Shirotake", a bamboo produced in Kyoto, known as " Kyoto's famous bamboo".
The flat shape and light weight make it stable and comfortable to hold♪
Gentle and comfortable ear pick.

Bamboo ear pick, shiratake (white bamboo)
[Size]Length 6.6" 16.7 cm, maximum width approx. 0.3" 0.7 cm
[Material]Shiratake (White bamboo)
[Ear pick]
Ear picks made from bamboo.
The ear picks are made carefully through a number of processes.
1. Cutting 2. Drying 3. Oil removal 4. Bleaching and storage 5. Product Processing
You can feel the craftsmanship and sensitivity of Takano Chikko, a company that mainly manufactures tea ceremony utensils
It is light, stable and easy to hold.
You can feel the suppleness and warmth of bamboo It is gentle and comfortable to scratch.
It will surely become an indispensable part of your home.
It is comfortable to use and very useful.

Shiratake is a material that is especially excellent in color, shape, and material.
It is a bamboo produced in Kyoto, which is called "Kyo-mei-take" ( Kyoto's famous bamboo).
It is a material unique to Kyoto, which is surrounded by mountains and has a wide range of temperatures.

[Manufacturer]]TAKANO CHIKKO Co.
14-15, Higashi Ochibe, Shoryuji, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto
Each earpick is handmade, so there are individual differences in color.

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Please refrain from using the ear pick if your ears are not in good condition.
Please refrain from using products that have been scratched.
Please be careful to use moderate force so as not to damage the inside of the ear canal.
About Takano Bamboo Craftsman's
Bamboo craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.
Surrounded by mountains, Kyoto is said to grow thick and good quality bamboo due to the large difference in temperature between the two regions.
Kyoto, surrounded by mountains, is said to be a place where thick, high-quality bamboo grows due to the difference in temperature.
The workshop of Takano Bamboo Crafts Co.

Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, which is known for its high quality bamboo.
We actually go into the bamboo grove ourselves to maintain it, cut it down, dry it for several years, and heat it.
After a long process of drying and heating the bamboo for several years
The bamboo is not only beautiful to look at, but also strong and flexible.
The finished bamboo is then transported to the workshop, where craftspeople painstakingly turn it into a finished product.
It is said that there is no other place where the process of making products starts from the process of preparing bamboos.