Men's Samue Jacket and Pants, Japanese Kimono Longewear - Sashiko Weave, Black


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Let's spend our days in comfort with traditional Japanese comfortable clothes,Sashiko SAMUE!

・These clothes make it hard to move and work on housework…
・These clothes are uncomfortable to sleep in…
・I'm worried about getting my clothes dirty…
・I want to feel Japanese culture easily…

This "sashiko samue" is perfect for you!

1.Plain, Black
2.White Stripe pattern,Black

M Size :
Chest Approx.88 cm-96cm/34.6"-37.8"
Suitable Height Approx.165cm-175cm/65"-68.9"

L Size :
Chest Approx.96 cm-104 cm/37.8"-41"
Suitable Height Approx.175cm-185cm/68.9"-72.8"

LL Size :
Chest Approx.104cm-110cm/41"-43.3"
Suitable Height Approx.175cm-185cm/68.9"-72.8"

Comfortable 100% cotton
Loose-fitting compared to other samue
Easy to dress in layers in the colder season.
Perfect gift for yourself, your family and your friends!

[When to wear SAMUE?]
・As easy-to-wear loungewear
 ・As comfortable pajamas/sleepwear
 ・As clothes for housework
 ・As clothes for “zazen”, “zen meditation” and “mindfulness”

[About Samue]
In Japan, Zen Buddhist monks wear them for daily labor tasks (cleaning, field work, etc.) . It is durable, easy to move in, and comfortable to wear, yet still gives the feeling of Japanese traditional kimono.

[About Sashiko]
Sashiko fabrics are made by layering cotton fabrics and stitching them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to create various patterns, such as geometric patterns, as decorations. It is said that the origin of this technique to be the hand-stitching of layers of cloth for decoration to express people's wishes and prayers for a good harvest, protection against evil, and prosperous business.

[About Care Instructions]
●This product is made of cotton, so it may shrink slightly when washed.
●Please avoid using a rotary dryer.
●Please avoid using bleach when washing. The color may change.
●If left wet for an extended period of time, the color may fade. After washing, please arrange the shape and dry it in the shade immediately.
●When washing dark colors, please do not wash together with white items. Please be careful when it is new, because the color may be stained on the clothes by perspiration, etc.
●When ironing, please do not apply the iron directly to the printed part, but use a cloth and iron at a low temperature.

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*Please note that the color of the product can look slightly different depending on the environment such as the computer screen.