Women's haori himo, green polygonal beads pearl beads clip-on


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Can be used in fall, winter, and spring.
Use with accessories to enhance your sense of style.
One-point item that complements your haori Can be used as a shawl or stole.

This haori string has a feminine, elegant, and delicate design.
The haori cord made of the same fabric as the haori is also good for a sense of unity.
But it is also fun to choose a haori string as if it were a necklace.
It is one of the funs of wearing a haori.
If you have several of them, you will be able to coordinate haori more widely.
Since it comes in a box, it is also recommended as a gift.
Since the fastening part is a clip, you can also use it to fasten a shawl or scarf.

[Details] The center has a 1.2 cm transparent polygon with gold-colored paint and It is connected by calm green beads and white pearl beads.
The delicate gold chain is elegant.

[Size] Length: approx. 8.1" 20.5cm(including a clip)
Made in Japan

[Material] Pearls: Plastic Polygonal beads: Glass Chain: Steel

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