Women's Tailored Washable Japanese Kimono Fukuro Obi Belt - Dark Green


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[Special about this product]
This obi belt is a Tailored Washable Polyester Fukuro Obi* , Rokutsuugara pattern* for Japanese traditional kimono.

Dark Green and Muted Rec Color background, Peony, Chrysanthemum, Lotus and other flowers / Arabesques

90% Polyester
10% Rayon
Length: approx. 435cm/171.3"
Width: approx. 30cm/11.8"

◆Open the obi on a flat space and rub off any stains with a sponge or soft brush dipped in neutral detergent.
◆Next, pour water over the entire obi to remove all the detergent, and hang it to dry.

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*Fukuro Obi

*Rokutsugara pattern; One type of obi, which is wrapped around the body and has a pattern from the tip and front of the obi to the tip of the tare, is called a "Rokutsugara" pattern.

*Please note that the color of the product can look slightly different depending on the environment such as the computer screen.