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Obidome Sash Clip, Japanese Kimono Accessory - Ukiyoe 'Attacking the Giant Whale'


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≪How to use OBIDOME; ;Sash Clip/Japanese Traditional Kimono Accessory≫
It is used through a thin OBIJIME* called Sanbuhimo.
After tying the Sanbuhimo, wrap it around the back and place the knot inside the OTAIKO* to keep it hidden.
It can be coordinated with yukata obi or nagoya obi for casual occasions.

*OBIJIME:A decorative string used to hold a kimono sash in place.*
*OTAIKO:Very common way of tying a woman's kimono sash.*

This is an OBIDOME of a whale. This is an obidome from the ukiyoe "Miyamoto no Musashi Attacking the Giant Whale" by Kuniyoshi Utagawa. The white splashes on the whale's body evoke the image of a whale swimming in rough seas. The world of Ukiyoe is expressed as it>
Pewter (Alloy)

Decorative part:
Width 1.4"
Length 0.9"
Height 0.3" (including metal fittings of OBIDOME)

The part where an OBIJIME is threaded through(inside diameter);
Width 0.55"
Height 0.15"

The BOX(it'a delivered in it.)
Width 3.7"
Length 3"
Height 1.1"

Since each item is individually painted by craftsmen, the coloring of every item is slightly different.
The coloring is also delicate. Please handle with care as the colors may fade due to strong friction or the use of abrasives or solvents.
Avoid storing the product in a humid place or in direct sunlight. It may cause discoloration, deformation, or rust.
Leaving water or dirt on the surface may cause rust or mildew. Wipe lightly with a soft cloth after use.

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*The Sanbuhimo in the image is an example of coordination.
*The product to be delivered is an OBIDOME only.
*The colors in the images are close to the color of the product, but there may be errors depending on the environment of the monitor, etc.
Thank you for your understanding.