Women's Hanhaba-Obi for Japanese kimono/yukata Reversible Light Blue, Beige


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Special about this product

Pattern: [Obi] Front:Earth and rabbits on light blue cloth

Back: arrow feather pattern on beige cloth

•Reversible Hanhaba-Obi

Recommended points


→You don't have to worry about the front and back.

You can enjoy two kinds of coordination.

Depending on how you tie the knot, it is possible to show both sides! *Easy to tie an obi knot →Have you ever tied an obi when wearing a yukata? If you have tied a knot before, you can tie it that way! If you have never tied a knot before... You can tie it If you can tie a ribbon knot! For everyday wear such as komon, kimono made of tsumugi, cotton, wool, etc. If you have one, it will come in handy! Please add it to your wardrobe.


[Obi] 100% polyester, made in Japan


Length: approx. 3m90cm/12'8", Width: approx. 16cm/6.3"

Kimono / Occasions to match

Komon, pongee, kimono made of cotton, wool

Ideal for casual outings and dressing practice

Seasons to wear

Can be worn from fall to spring.

Please enjoy it during the Hakama season.

Care Instructions

Hand wash or dry cleaning

When soiled with sweat, etc., wash lightly with water or lukewarm water and hang dry in the shade.

Features of Hanahaba-Obi

Hanahaba-Obii can be easily tied in a variety of ways and can be arranged. You can choose how to tie it depending on your mood or where you are going. It takes only a short time to tie, so it is not a chore. The width is also fixed, so you can wrap it around your body and arrange it like a ribbon knot.

The points to consider when choosing a han-haba obi

(1) Firm material.  This way, feathers and other parts will fit together beautifully and will not be limp and fall apart. (2) Reversible  You can use both sides, so if you have one, you can use as you are having two!

*Please note that the color of the product can look slightly different depending on the environment such as the computer screen.