Women's Kimono set 4 pieces ( Kimono / Nagoya obi / Obiage / Obijime ) Washable,coordinated,for everyday wear cream


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Special about this product

• Washable Awase Kimono, Nagoya Obi, Pure Silk Obiage, Pure Silk Obijime, 4 piece set

Kimono color: Cream

Kimono pattern: Chinese plum,Tsubaki

Hakkake color: White


Color of Nagoya obi:light brown

Nagoya obi pattern: flower design

Matsuba tailoring

*Because the body is left open, you can make it as wide as you like, which is especially recommended for tall people.


Obiage color: tannish pink,light yellowish green

Obijime color: pink,white

Recommended points

Coordinates with Washable Awase Kimono 4-piece set, size L Professionally coordinated kimono set♪ Awase Kimono, Hassun Nagoya Obi, Pure silk Obiage, Pure silk Obijime Everything is pre-tailored and ready to wear. The kimono and obi are made of washable material. You can enjoy it for everyday wear without hesitation for shopping, dinner with friends, etc. You can also change the combination with your obiage and obijime. The fun part of kimono is that it gives a completely different impression just by arranging with accessories such as an obi-dome. This is how we enjoy kimono! You can oordinate your look with your own unique style. Why don't you enjoy the kimono life?


Kimono: 100% Polyester Obi: 100% polyester Obiage and obijime: 100% silk Kimono and obi can be washed at home. However, the obi does not need to be washed every time it is worn.


Kimono L size

Body length approx. 163cm/64.2", sleeve length approx. 49cm19.3", yuki length approx. 68cm26.77" (the center seam on the back of the kimono (at the base of the neck) to the end of the sleeve) (Applicable length approx. 158cm/62.2"~168cm/66.14") Front width:approx. 25cm/9.84" Back width:approx. 29.5cm/11.61" Obi: Width: approx. 30cm/11.81", Length: approx. 360 cm141.7"

Wearing ccasions

Cafes, dining, shopping, travel, kimono dressing classes, Japanese lessons (Japanese drums, dance,etc)

Seasons to wear

Autumn, winter and spring

From October to May

*Please note that the color of the product can look slightly different depending on the environment such as the computer screen.