Woman's Japanese Nishakusode Kimono for Hakama - Purple


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Nishakusode Kimono - Purple cherry blossoms


  • "Ash L" brand popular for its high-quality fabrics and gorgeous designs
  • Short length and easy to wear
  • Polyester material that can be washed at home
  • Easy to handle, easy to clean and store

*KIMONO ONLY*: Hakama, nagajuban undergarment, layered collar, hakama sash, sandals, hair ornaments and so on are not included.


100 % polyester

Color and design

Purple cherry blossoms


One size: nishakusode kimono
Height:110 cm (short length)
Sleeve length: 76 cm (semi-long length),
Yukitake Sleeve length: 68 cm

* Suitable height: 150 -175 cm.
* If the sleeves are too long, please do "Kataage".
(Kataage: to sew a kimono sleeve from the front to the back, centering on the shoulder mountain. The sleeves should be tied up with the shoulders and hips up according to the physique so that the hands are not hidden and the hem is not dragged.)


* Hakama, long undershirt, layered collar, hakama sash, sandals, boots, hair ornaments, etc. worn by the model are not included in the product. Please prepare separately.

* Colors may look different depending on the monitor environment.