Women's Washable Nagajyuban,Kimono Undergarment with Haneri, Rinzu


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Machine Washable polyester Nakajyuban
All fabrics and sewing are made in Japan
Haneri for awase kimono is sewn

No.1 Purple
No.2 Light blue
No.3 Pink
No.4 Cream
No.5 Green
* The haneri is White

There are several types of the patterns, but you cannot specify patterns.

Adaptive height approx. 155-160cm
Length: 130cm, Sleeve length: 49 cm, Yukitake *The sum of sleeve length and the shoulder width: 63.5 cm
Front cloth width about 27cm Back cloth width about 32 cm

Adaptive height 160-165cm
Length: 133cm, Sleeve length: 49 cm, Yukitake: 65.5 cm
Front cloth width about 29cm, Back cloth width about 33 cm

100% polyester

Kansai tailoring: The shape of the collar is the same as the kimono
Sodemusou: Double sleeves, Single garment with no lining on the body