Women's Kimono Innerwear Steteco BAMGLO


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Innerwear that absorbs sweat well and is gentle on the skin
Can be used in both summer and winter!
made of bamboo natural material "BAMGLO"

Pants-type kimono innerwear
Wear it under a juban
Please use it as a set with kimono innerwear tops (hadagi)

[M size] Length: 76cm Waist: 55-95cm Hem circumference: 55cm
[L size] Length: 80cm Waist: 60-110cm Hem circumference: 60cm

65% cotton 35% bamboo
Deodorizing effect Antibacterial effect
Made in Japan

What is Banglo material
· Thread made by blending natural bamboo fiber and natural cotton
· Has the natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect of bamboo and the far-infrared effect, and does not generate static electricity.
· It is an eco-friendly material that naturally decomposes when buried in soil and returns to soil.