Summer2024「Enjoy!! KIMONO EXPO」 in LA(Gardena)

Summer2024「Enjoy!! KIMONO EXPO」 in LA(Gardena)

Over 1000 kimonos, yukata, hakama and more!
Free admission!

Famous kimono shops in Japan come from Kyoto.
A popular event that has attracted thousands of visitors in the past!
Largest kimono exhibition and sale in the USA!!
Opportunity to see popular products in Japan!

Lots of new arrivals!
Special items☆!
Kimono, haori, yukata, geta, dressing accessories, jinbei, hakama, samue, children's yukata, children's jinbei, etc.


【Los Angeles venue】3 days
Date & Time 7 (Fri) &8(Sat)J &9(Sun)June
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue: Kyoto Maruhisa USA
Venue address: 16901 S Western Ave. 2nd floor, Gardena, CA

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Save the date.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Kyoto Marhisa USA