Women's T-shirts Hanjuban Summer Kimono Undergarment/Lingerie Tops Only


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The front of the collar can be set at a very beautiful shape by just slipping it on.

This Hanjuban is made of cotton 100% T-shirt with Han-eri, which is easy to move around and easy to care for.

Tops only (Hanjuban)
For bottoms, please use bottom undergarment such as steteco and susoyoke

Recommend points

 Cotton 100% hanjuban which is comfortable and gentle to skin.

You can machine wash it at home.

When an eri-shin is inserted, the neckline is beautiful.

Available in 3 sizes: M / L / LL!

Made in Japan

*Recommended way to wear

The sleeves have short sleeves with no embellishments. You can experience the ease of movement by wearing it with yukata, everyday wear, those who work in kimono, or with practice wear for tea ceremony, dance, etc.

No eri-shin is attached. It will have a beautiful collar without an eri-shin, but it will be even more beautiful with an eri-shin.

The shirt can be worn beautifully by wearing over the head, pulling down the hem of the shirt, adjusting the shape of the collar, and fastening it  with a string or an obi.

Since this is a product to be worn from the head up, we recommend that you wear it first and set your hair style. 


・M size
Length: approx. 23.6"/60cm
Bust: 79cm-87cm (31.1"- 34.3")
・L size
Length: approx. 24.8"/63cm
Bust: 86cm-94cm (33.9"- 37.0")

・LL size
Length: approx. 26.0"/66cm
Bust: 93cm-101cm (36.6"- 39.8")


Body: 100% Polyester

Collar part: 100% Polyester