Women's Japanese zori sandals for Kimono, Deep green, Navy, Yellow hanao


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Easy and comfortable zori sandals that you don't get tired easily.
One size fits all.
Single item.

They are sure to be a great success with casual everyday kimonos, such as washable kimonos, silk komon and tsumugi, as well as denim and cotton kimonos! The surface has been treated with resin, so they are stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and have an excellent feel against the skin♪ The soft hanao and moderate cushioning provide a comfortable fit. The soft nose and moderate cushioning in the base allow the footwear to fit gently on the soles of the feet, making them comfortable and less tiring to wear.
Stand: Beige
Hanao(Thong): Deep green, navy, yellow dark color stripes

[Size] Free size
Length of zori base: approx. 23.5cm/9.25”
Heel height: approx. 4cm/1.57"
Width of zori: approx. 8 cm/3.14" (maximum)
Suitable size: approx. 23.0cm/9.05"-24.5cm/9.64"

Zori stand, surface: 100% Cotton
Sole: Urethane sole

Kimono to match
Washable kimono, Komon, Tsumugi, Denim kimono, Cotton kimono [Seasons to wear] Spring, Summer

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