Women's Silk Gotohimo Obijime Kimono Cord -Yurugigumi ,Navy / multi color


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[Special about this product]
Gotohimo is a OBIJIME* established by the late Goto, an Edo Kumihimo(braided cord)* craftsman and holder of intangible cultural assets.
•Famous for being the first kumihimo used for the strap of zori (Japanese sandals) presented to the imperial family.
•Beautiful hand-knit finish using high quality silk threads and is very comfortable and "easy to fasten and hard to loosen".
•The key to its popularity is its well-balanced and exquisite use of color and elegant but unique designs in line with the trends of the times.
•Very useful because standard obijime it can be worn with any kimono and in any season.

•Color: Navy / Light Purple,Pink,BlueGreen and Yellow
•Design:Yurugigumi Type.
Both sides are striped in navy with a braid-like design of light purple, pink, blue-green, and mustard in the center.

≪About the tussel≫ The tassels are cut straight from the thread. They are not very durable, as the ends of the threads will unravel over time. However, its greatest feature is its "suppleness".

•Comes in a box.

100% silk
Made in Japan

Total length: approx. 63"(not including the tassels)
Width: approx. 0.4"
Thickness: approx. 0.4"
Length of the tassel: approx. 1.6"

Box size: approx. 3.3" (length) x 1.5" (width) x 1.4" (height)

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*OBIJIME:Decorative string used to hold a OBI (kimono sash) in place * Edo Kumihimo(braided cord): Pure silk kumihimo(braided cord). In the Edo period, kumihimo was used for armors and other items, and was developed as an ornament by the common people of the time by incorporating fashionable patterns.
*Yurugigumi:It is one of typical obijime type, and its moderate elasticity makes it easy to tie and difficult to loosen. It is available in a variety of colors, including plain and gradation-dyed ones.

*Please note that the color of the product can look slightly different depending on the environment such as the computer screen.