Women's Japanese Kimono Undergarment Pants- Bemberg Fabric


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Bemberg fabric loved by Kimono fans

Pants type Japanese undergarment
Benefits ]
Prevents dirt on the hem of kimono and long undershirts
Improve the hem and prevent the kimono from collapsing
For protection against the cold
Body shape correction effect

Features ]
• Antimicrobial and deodorant finishing
• Smooth and gentle touch
• Less static electricity and unpleasant clinging
• Less stuffiness and stickiness

[ M size ]
length: approximately 71cm
inseam: approximately 40cm
waist: approximately 56 - 76cm

[ L size ]
length: approximately 79cm
inseam: approximately 49cm
waist: approximately 58 - 78cm

[ Quality ]
Cupra 100% bemberg® Fabric Asahikasei
Bemberg is an eco-friendly material that biodegrades and composts when buried in soil.
Decin is a plain woven fabric with strong twists on weft threads.
Made in Japan